Hi everyone it’s Chewie stealing the blog today!!!!


I’ve recently discovered story time. This is an awesome time of the day. Mum and the girls lie on couches (that I can reach) and let me climb all over them. Oh and they read these things called books. The best part is I get to lie on Mum and listen while getting lots of pats! Anyway you want to know what they are reading???

The current favourites actually have no dogs in them. Still there are some flying cats and a whole host of other animals, pirates, postmen (mmm sound good to chase) and icecream!!!! Yep these books are full of laughs for kids of all ages. They are the Treehouse books by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton.


So much action, humour and lots of cool pictures. This series is a must for kids (and puppies) of all ages. The girls can’t wait for the next installment. I Chewie give them all five big woofs! My big Brother Stitch does too! So check them out for yourself.

Thanks for joining me, think this blogging thing is fun. Watch this space for more of Chewie’s News and keep reading, keep writing!