My girls love to question the magic of Christmas. They always want to know how Santa manages to get to every house, deliver all those present and answer all those letters. They also ask how he knows if they have been naughty or nice. We have told them that Santa is magic and has lots of helpers. The birds are helping…. if we had squirrels here in Australia maybe we could have used them…

Secret Santa Squirrels by Hazel Nutt


How many children question Santa’s ability to drop off that many presents in one night? I know mine have. My answer has always been because he’s magical! Well now I can say he has squirrels to help. Well okay we don’t have Squirrels in Australia, so maybe Hazel will need to write and Aussie version??? Anyway Secret Santa Squirrels is a cute little book for Christmas. It rhymes well and has some funny lines. The reindeer poop turning into presents caused lots of laughing. If your kids like a light-hearted Christmas read they should check this one out!
Stitch Says gives it 3 woofs!

Go and check it out for yourself – in the meantime keep reading, keep writing!