Stitch enjoyed aspects of today’s book. He loved the cameo from the dog down the road. Oh and he actually liked the cats. You see Stitch is a gentle soul and he tries to be nice to cats. He actually can get nose to nose with a few. He just doesn’t understand their need to scratch, or how big his play bark really is… maybe the two are related???

So what is this book all about:

A novel for everyone, Shelve Under C is a big, leaning stack of humor, heart, stray cat hairs, old book dust, mystery, family drama, longing and hope.
Used bookshops often have a cat or two roaming the aisles, sleeping on the shelves, or sleeping on the customers. Here is a novel all about one bookshop and its resident cats, Stomper and Buglit; and about Kris, a 12-year-old boy who apprentices in the shop. Kris is a little bit like the cats: he’s a foster child getting used to a new family, and the cats are being fostered in the bookshop for the local shelter. Stomper and Buglit are a little bit like Kris: they get into trouble, have some wild adventures, and find out just what being part of a family really means.
Unlike some novels that have a bookstore setting, Shelve Under C has the real spirit of the store, its owners, its apprentice, its customers and, especially, its cats as the beating heart of this fuzzy beast.
It’s full of wonderful characters, a wild storm, a doggy bucking bronco, catnip capers, an almost-deadly chicken salad sandwich, and . . . books! No need to knock — the door is open. So come on in, grab something to read, and get comfy on the big, red sofa.

So what does Stitch think?


A used book store that also houses cats for adoption is a cat lover’s dream. This book is sweet and meaningful. It will appeal to anyone with a heart who loves to read and who loves cats. There are also some very likable characters (human and feline). It is the setting that makes the story though! If you love cats, books and stories from the heart check this one out.
Stitch Says gives it 4 woofs!

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