Stitch has gulped up the sock to do a review today. To recap here is The Sock Kids:

The SockKids Meet Lincoln

About the Book

Title: The SockKids™ Meet Lincoln

Authors: Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone

Illustrator: SugarSnail

Publication Date: August 14, 2013

Publisher: Independent

Pages: 40 (print)

Recommended Age: 3 to 8

Summary (Amazon):

Where do our missing socks go? Readers find out in our children’s series, The SOCKKIDS. We follow the Socker family through many adventures; from encountering the slobbery mouth of the family dog to meeting Santa as he comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve to helping a fireman save a baby to the most shy Socker going to the school dance for the first time. Thanks to the time-travel opportunities afforded by the spin cycle of the washer, they learn about some of the most important humans in the world. Children two and up and their parents will be drawn to the diversity of the family and the universal and timeless lessons they teach: don’t be afraid of new experiences; treat others as you would like to be treated, and of course, beware of the spin cycle!



The SOCKKIDS Meet Lincoln - Cover

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Now let’s find out what Stitch thought!


Socks that can travel through the washing machine to anywhere, anyone and anytime… Wow the mind boggles. On this adventure the adventure warms the foot of Abraham Lincoln. Just imagine where the socks could end up next time.
This is a cute book for kids and a good way of introducing some historical figures. I am all for learning by stealth and Sock Kids has the potential to do that. I look forward to seeing more sock adventures.
Stitch Says gives it 4 woofs!

That’s the verdict, so go and check it out for yourself. While you are doing that make sure you keep reading and keep writing!