Okay I don’t do this very often, but I am an author and I really wanted to share the latest review of my book the Homework Goblin!

The Homework Goblin

It got five stars and this is why:
The Homework Goblin, by Ashley Howland is an expertly crafted children’s book. It addresses some real issues in an interesting make-believe way. I could relate to Jason, I preferred to play rather than do homework. I didn’t take good care of the homework when I did do it, and my grades sometimes showed my lack of enthusiasm. Jason had a dream adventure, where he struggled to retrieve his homework from the clutches of the evil homework goblin. His struggles had some parallels to his real life, and left him asking some important self-directed questions. His relationship with his sister seemed a little rocky, but because of some selfless service on her part, seemed much better near the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun-filled escapade and the life lessons it seamlessly teaches.

Thank you for this amazing review. As most authors will know getting your book reviewed is even more stressful than getting it published. what happens if all that effort (and money heaven forbid) is not worth it? Will anyone actually buy my book? If they buy it will they like it? All question that make life difficult for an author. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t change with the number of books you publish either. So to all those wonderful people who have taken the time to review my books thank you. You are a big asset to any author, which is why I started this blog in the first case.

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