Charlotte Bloomfield’s second book is The Ghost Within, let’s find out more:

Castle Mount School is under threat by a nine-hundred year old ghost and it’s up to Crystal and her new friends to stop Baron John and free Megan from his control, before it’s too late and his vengeful plan puts an end to them and all their fellow pupils.

Spooky castle

Stitch Says Review:
The Ghost Within by Charlotte Bloomfield
Starting a new school can be tough, especially a boarding school. It’s even harder when one of your room mates is possessed by an evil ghost and asking for your help. Crystal discovers an evil truth when she becomes a student at Castle Mount School; she needs to join forces with some new friends to rescue one of their class mates. Charlotte Bloomfield brings to life a ghost tale full of mystery and adventure. Kids who love to read about ghosts will enjoy this story.
Stitch Says give is 4 woofs!

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