Author Ashley Howland

I can’t believe my boof head puppy Stitch is three tomorrow! He’s such a good boy and has coped really well with the recent loss of his best mate Obi. I am very proud of how he is settling. Next week will be a new adventure as it’s back to school so there will be some time by himself. Still he also gets to go back to work so he will look forward to that. He’s a softy that’s for sure. The reason I called this blog Stitch Says is simply because he is my reading buddy. He snuggles up to me on the bed and snores while I read. He keeps me warm. Stitch likes it when I read a great book simply because he gets to stay on the bed for longer!


Thanks to all the wonderful authors I have met through this blog its lots of fun and I am looking forward to meeting more. Please email me at if you would like an interview and review. I am also now putting Stitch Says on my pinterest page. You can join me at:

Some really fantastic interviews and reviews on their way shortly. Until then keep reading, keep writing!