Evolution for Young Minds:
An Evolution and Natural Selection Guide for Children
By Flemming Bermann

Cover_eforymGlobal Warming for Young Minds:

Evolution and Natural Selection are often glossed over in schools. Many put this topic in the too hard basket. It is difficult to convey complex topics such as inheritance and how changes occur over millions of years. Flemming Bermann manages to make these topics less complex. His accurate information is presented in a fun and easy to understand format. Children will learn and enjoy the activities throughout the book. This is a great book to add to your child’s reference section.

Stitch Says give it 4 woofs!

A Global Warming and Sustainability Guide for Children
By Flemming Berman


Scientific concepts can be challenging for children. Chemical names and processes make science difficult. However Flemming Berman has produced a book that makes the concepts of Global Warming accessible for children of all ages. The book is colourful, accurate and written in a language children will understand. It is also a lot of fun, the learning checks and fun breaks are fantastic. I highly recommend this book for any children’s collection.
Stitch Says give it 4 woofs!

To order your own copies of Flemming’s books go to: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Books/s?ie=UTF8&field-author=Flemming%20Bermann&page=1&rh=n%3A266239%2Cp_27%3AFlemming%20Bermann

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