Today on Stitch Says we get to meet Shirley Coughlin, the author of Toby and the Pirates, The Girl in the Mirror and Beyond the Flood. Let’s see what she has to say:
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When did you decide to become an author and what impact has this had on your life?Several years ago I was going through a bad time and I started to write some poetry for my grandchildren. It helped me so much I began writing stories for them as well. I have always been an avid reader so it was a natural next step.

Tell us about your latest work and what motivated you to write it:
My latest work, ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ was something I had going around in my mind for a while. I have a vivid imagination and it doesn’t take much to get my brain working. I actually began with the title and went from there, the story more or less wrote itself. At the moment I am working on a YA adult novel set in the middle of 18th century Cornwall, just after the Jacobite Rebellion. A fast-moving story of smugglers, an escaped prisoner from the Battle of Culloden and a fourteen year boy who finds himself caught up with it all as he tries to save the escapee from being recaptured.
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What are your future aspirations as an author?
To be the best that I can and for others to enjoys what I write.

Where do your ideas come from? What experiences or aspects of your life influence your writing?
Many things inspire me, especially my grandchildren. I am always thinking of stories they will enjoy.

What do you do to improve yourself and a writer?
I read lots of books, which to me is no hardship, and just write. The more I write, the more my writing improves. The same as anything really, if you wants to improve, then the more you do it, the better you become.

Thanks Shirley for joining me on Stitch Says. It’s always great to hear from authors. I will be posting a review of Toby and the Pirates very soon. Until then you can check out Shirley’s books at:

Remember keep reading, keep writing!