Today on Stitch Says we get to chat with Diane Griffith, author of Nobody’s Pets in Cyprus and many others. Lets hear what she has to day:


When did you decide to become an author and what impact has this had on your life?
I always loved writing, and telling stories from when I was a child.
My first book, ‘Chasing Dreams In Lefkas’ was simply because I wanted to share our very varied experiences with people who might have dreamt of ‘opting out’ on a Greek island like we did in an 18 year-old VW Camper full of video equipment and an idea. The idea came to me when I heard that a little boy who was autistic spoke for the first time after watching a video of his holiday I had sent to his family who we had met in Lefkas the previous year. It was 1991 and holiday videos were very popular.
My husband Tony had been made redundant from a managerial position and was falling into a deep depression. So, we decided to put my idea into practice, and so we turned a negative situation into the most memorable time of our lives.
When we returned from Lefkas I wrote the book while all the memories were fresh in my mind. The MS lay in or attic for almost 20 years.
We retired to live in Cyprus and I took a course to brush up my Greek language and my teacher was impressed with the synopsis of the book and told me to send it to the US.- I did, and was delighted to find that it was published as it was, ‘warts and all’. . . I wish it had been edited, because I wrote it before I had the help of modern technology.
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The impact this had on my life was to make me want to write more books, but to write them better.
I wrote my second book, ‘It Mattered Yesterday.’ This started out as a way of expressing my feelings while I was very unhappy. It was a kind of therapy. Then I thought that other women who were in unhappy marriages or suffering divorces might find it helps to know that you can overcome the very darkest hour if you have a will to go on. What seems so unbearable at the time simply becomes a memory, for that is life, and that is how it happens. – It is about Stella, one young woman and her child Jon, and the impact her disastrous relationships have on her son. It is about love, disappointment, heartache and happiness. Through it all there is a strong bond of friendship between Stella and Jill, who in the end becomes more than a friend, she is her salvation.

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My third book, ‘A Moment to Remember, To Forgive Divine’ is based on my childhood in the little Welsh village of Sarn, and my family and playmate that became my first love.
Alison and Rob are the main characters. Their relationship from childhood is the focal point of the story. It captures the essence of childhood, young love, heartbreak and tangled complications of love and secrets within a family life. – It is also a fun filled look at friendship between Alison and her friends, Ann and Joan.
The mix of Welsh countryside and locations in Liverpool make an interesting setting. This book did not come from thin air. It is about real people and true situations. Each character has a unique voice and contributes to the overall storyline. It is for anyone who has loved and lost, but learnt to love again.
‘A Moment to Remember, To Forgive Divine’
Can Alison forgive Rob when he tells her, “I got involved!”?
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My fourth book, ‘Granny’s Magic Garden’ is a book for children 4-8 years. Enchanting stories told to George, Freddie, Harvey and Saffie by their granny. It has lots of lovely pictures and the print is easy to read. There is a little lesson in good behavior in every chapter told with humor though the actions of the characters. These stories were a way of teaching my own grandchildren without ‘telling’. They made them laugh and this is why I wanted to share them with other children. They loved to hear about the silly fairy Dirty Gertie, and how she learnt to be good so she could earn her wings and fly like all the other fairies. They also liked to hear about how one little water sprite was brave enough to say, sorry to the big scary Goblin. And, how the fairies are like angels or special friends who are always there to help even if you can’t see them. They should tell their troubles to them or to their granny, parents or teacher if anyone hurts them in any way.
Sometimes children can’t express things that upset them to people but they can tell a fairy by writing it on a piece of paper and putting it in a special place. In Granny’s Magic Garden she has a wishing well. I hoped these stories might help some children who are coming to terms with family breakdowns which are so common today, or any other kind of problem in their lives. I hoped they might make a child somewhere in the world smile!
Children learn from actions of characters in ‘GRANNY’S MAGIC GARDEN’
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Tell us about your latest work and what motivated you to write it:
My latest book, ‘Nobody’s Pets in Cyprus’ is only available on Amazon Kindle so there is no link.
I have been saving abandoned and ill-treated dogs here in Cyprus for over 4 years. Most of them I managed to find kind homes for, the others I paid for them to go to a rescue centre.
I have also saved some feral cats, had them neutered, and feed them regularly. I had so many photographs that I decided to write about all the dogs and cats and include the photographs. This turned out to be quite a job, but I think the stories appeal to all animal lovers and also to children.
The proceeds from all my books help me to go on saving dogs and cats here in Cyprus. It is only a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts!

What are your future aspirations as an author?
My future aspirations. . . I am not sure. I have devoted so much time to my writing while my husband has been so patient. I feel I should spend more time with him now. I was a full time carer for my dear mother for 5 years while she lived with us. Sadly she passed away 2010 and sometimes I feel I should have given more of my time to her instead of writing.
However, I do have 6 chapters of a second volume of ‘It Mattered Yesterday’ on file, so maybe this winter’s project will be to finish it and maybe just put it in Kindle version.

Where do your ideas come from? What experiences or aspects of your life influence your writing?I think I said this earlier on. My experiences come from real life, real people, and true situations. I have experienced everything that is in my books. I have known true love, heartache, and happiness. I have been married 4 times, so my motto is, ‘if at first you don’t succeed. . .’
I think people and feelings influence my writing. I love meeting people and talking to people.

What do you do to improve yourself and a writer?
I try to understand this new technical world. At my age it is difficult, but I am persevering. It is a constant source of amusement to my grandsons that Granny is on Facebook and Twitter… And I made my own website.

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