We’re back on Stitch Says with a new interview. Today we get to meet Rustin Petrae the Author of Blood Ties and Dragon – A History of Purga Novel. so let’s hear what Rustin has to say:

When did you decide to become an author and what impact has this had on your life?
I have always loved writing. Growing up, I spent a lot of time thinking about book ideas and stories, characters, and places. The catalyst for it, I think, was my friends and I would create these cartoon characters. We would draw them, give them names, personalities, you name it. I just took it a step further. After I finished getting my degree in Graphic Design, I really wanted to pick up with writing again. So I finished Book One: Dragon and then Blood Ties: The First. I also finished another novel that I will probably be publishing after the first two series are finished. That one is called Indestructible: Past and will (most likely) be a four book series as well. In addition to that, I am creating a comic book called Hybrid Earth with friend and artist Fredrick Allison Jr. The basis for it came from a flash fiction series of the same name that I wrote.

Tell us about your latest work and what motivated you to write it:
Right now I am currently writing the second book in the Histories of Purga series, Book Two: Roc. The inspiration for these books came from my love of both science-fiction and fantasy. I wanted to create a world where they existed side-by-side. I came up with Purga where the Rooks (a technologically advanced race that utilizes nanos to create machines) and the Terraqouis (a race that is connected to nature and can shift into their spirit animals). In Book Two, Rone is trying to find Keiara while everyone else is fighting just to survive. You’ll get answers as to what Keiara really is. It’s a big twist, and she’s not the only one.

What are your future aspirations as an author?
I would really love to go mainstream. I would like to see my book on the bestseller lists and on the shelves in major stores. I think they are fun, enjoyable reads and I try to give each character their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Eventually, I wouldn’t mind seeing them on the big screen.

Where do your ideas come from? What experiences or aspects of your life influence your writing?
The ideas I have for my novels usually stem from an overactive imagination. I use the why not system sometimes. For example: wouldn’t it be awesome to have these really advanced people next to a more tribal group that can shift into animals. My mind replies with: why not? Other ideas come from what if questions. What if you can rearrange a person’s genetic code at the atomic level?This led me to write Indestructible where two college students undergo an experimental drug test only to walk away from it with superpowers. Other ideas I get, sometimes just pop into my head. I’ll note them down and expand on them later.

What do you do to improve yourself and a writer?
The biggest thing that I do to improve as a writer is to take the advice that people give me. I’ve gotten a lot of great comments for Book One: Dragon. I appreciate each one because they help me grow and become a better writer. I am not perfect. I do make mistakes, and if someone happens to catch them, then it will help me make my work better. It will also help me not make the same mistakes in the future. Feedback is crucial.

Thanks for that honest interview – fantastic to hear authors taking feedback to improve their craft. I am currently reading Dragon and will post a review once I am finished. In the mean time you can check out Rustin’s books here:

Until next time keep reading, keep writing!