Today Stitch Says gets to chat with David Jamieson the author of The Mysterious Footprint. Let’s hear what he has to say:

David Jamieson

When did you decide to become an author and what impact has this had on your life?

I became a children’s writer about 7 yrs ago now when I first found out I had a Grand-daughter on the way (Alisha) “The Mansion at the Bottom of the Garden” is the 1st children’s story I wrote for Alisha all those years ago, all about fairies and imaginary friends. . . The biggest impact is now I can’t stop writing, which is good since there are some children out there who can’t stop reading. . .

Tell us about your latest work and what motivated you to write it:

My latest work is about a Troll who makes a wish upon a Rainbow and a Peasant girl who made a wish upon the same Rainbow. . . The Troll wishes to be a ruler, in fact the King of all rulers, but things don’t turn out exactly as he wished for. . . What motivates me mostly are my Grand-children my niece and my nephew all of who should read stories of Trolls, Dinosaurs, Fairies and Dragons all of which I’ve written about once upon a time. . .

What are your future aspirations as an author?

I’m starting off by self publishing on Amazon but ultimately I’d like my family to own hard copies which is how books should really be read, so I aspire to be published in book form and see those books on shelves whether it be a store shelf, a library shelf or my own book shelf at home. . .

Where do your ideas come from? What experiences or aspects of your life influence your writing?

My ideas can come from all sorts of places, my story “The Mysterious Footprint” came from a pack of stickers I bought all because they triggered an idea. . . Odd I know but hey an idea is an idea. . . My Graphic novel which is in post production came about when my artist friend and I were talking about a James Bond idea that never got written (I think it was a car named the “Icebreaker”) Now I have 7 complete story lines just by talking to my artist friend Andrew S. Valero (which will change and grow in time based on James Bond) Other ideas come from my dreams again odd but not that odd considering I’ve read about other people dreaming up things the same way. . . My biggest influence is my imagination I keep a writing pad by my bed so I can write out all the ideas that keep flooding in, one is already full the 2nd is on its way with mostly my Lionel Mane, Graphic novel ideas based on James Bond. . .
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What do you do to improve yourself as a writer?

I joined the Chapter Book Challenge group on facebook, where I help others with story ideas of their own, in return I get tips and offers from people like your self with this interview, others I’ve had ideas from for another graphic novel idea I’m working on “Starfleet Academy” based on Star Trek. . . I read and buy as many different children’s stories to keep in touch with current stories that are out there, I also buy books that give you tips on writing ‘The Children’s Writer and Illustrator Yearbook’ being one of them. . . And of course edit, edit, edit. . .

Wow thanks David – some great tips there. We look forward to seeing you new books out soon! Thanks for joining us here and we wish you all the best!
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