YASSA by Jo Michaels


When Temujin is ten, he murders one of his half-brothers in self-defense. That one act of brutality shows him the animal that lives inside his heart, sets into motion a string of events that bring a boy named Jamuka into his life, and gives Temujin the idea to write the law he calls Yassa. Yassa law states that, above all else, you are to be loyal to those you pledge yourself to. There is only one punishment for breaking Yassa law: death.

Deep conflict arises between Temujin and Jamuka when they go to rescue Temujin’s wife, Börte, from kidnappers. Jamuka sees her, falls in love, and decides to take her for his own. Jamuka attacks Börte and tries to force himself on her. Temujin casts the man out.

Jamuka is bent on revenge for being cast out and is driven to win Börte at any cost. As a result, the two men are plunged into battle over power and a woman. Love drives the conquering of the greatest continuous empire in history in the hopes that the victor will win the affections of Börte.

When the final battle takes place, does Temujin uphold Yassa law and kill Jamuka, or does he make an exception for the love of a friend that has already betrayed him once?

Review: YASSA by Jo Michaels

Have you ever wondered if there was more to Genghis Khan? Was he just a brutal murderer or was there another side to the story. Jo Michaels brings new light into the life, love and mysteries that surround one of the world’s most famous leaders. Yassa is the story of Temujin and his powerful loyalty to his wife, Börte, his family and his friends. It is also the story of betrayal, when his anda (sworn brother) Jamuka breaks Yassa – the unbreakable vow. While Temujin is set on revenge he is also torn by his own love for his closest friend.  Yassa is an historical fiction novel full of action, mystery, adventure, violence and of course love.

While the narration style can at times be overwhelming, leaving the reader in need of a breath the language is rich and the story engaging. It is not just for history buffs, but will delight romantics everywhere. Overall an intriguing read, I recommend it!

Stitch Says YASSA score three woofs!

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